Monday, 20 May 2019

Pointers to Keep in Mind about Electrical Safety for Children

Electrical Safety for Children

Electrical Safety for ChildrenEnsuring electrical safety for children should be prioritized if you are a parent.

Those cute little ones are notoriously curious about appliances, gadgets and outlets but are also incredibly oblivious to the dangers of electricity. As parents, guardians and caregivers, it’s your responsibility to teach your kids how to behave around electricity. Make sure to keep in mind these electrical safety tips for your children:

Tips about Electrical Safety for Children

Childproof all electrical outlets

Place safety caps to cover all electrical outlets in your house to keep your tot from sticking their fingers or poking something in there.

Hide all electronic devices

Make sure all appliances are properly put away and out of your curious child’s reach. Emphasize to your kid that these electronics are not toys, no matter how fascinating they look, and thus, should never be played with.

Keep all things electric away from water

Most kiddos in this gadget-centric world own a tablet, game console, cell phone, etc. And are quite addicted to them. Ensure they know that electricity and water or any liquid for that matter, don’t and shouldn’t go together. This means, no electric devices and gadgets in the bathroom, near the pool and other wet areas and surfaces.

Electrical Safety for ChildrenDon’t tug an electrical cord from the wall

Not only pulling on a cord can damage your electronic, plug or outlet, this bad habit is also very life-threatening—especially for a young child. Educate your kid to always unplug cords directly from the wall outlet.

Tidy up all electrical cords

Tuck them away or tie them up nicely out of reach and sight. Your pooch might chew on these and your child might trip and fall from a cluttered cord. You may want to invest on clips and other cord and cable organizers for this purpose.

Damaged electrical cords don’t have a place in your home

Damaged or frayed cords with exposed electronic parts can cause electric shock and fire. Call a licensed electrician to get them fixed or replaced. Or simply get rid of the appliance.