Monday, 20 May 2019

A Discussion on the Common Pool and Spa Control Systems Types

Spa Control Systems Types

Spa Control Systems TypesPool and spa control panels are a part of pool and spa control systems. Today’s people opt for more feature-rich and complex pool and spa designs. The control panels are a one-stop system to control various pool and spa equipment. For example, such control panels can operate one or more devices such as heaters, pumps, water features, pool covers, lights, chlorinators, and more.

Such controllers simplify your life and make your pool and spa time more enjoyable. They allow you to control the temperature, flow, light, and other features how and when you want.

The Types of Pool and Spa Control Systems

A pool control panel is available in a wide array of types – ranging from a simple on/off timer to complicated pool automation systems featuring a wireless remote control panel.

To choose the right system, you have to consider your budget and the number of features and functions you want to control. Depending on your demands, you can select anything from a basic unit to an elaborate system that controls a broad range of features.

Check out two types of automatic pool and spa control panels:

Power Center

A power center for your pool and spa control system comes in the shape of a box. It is hard-wired to the electrical supply for the equipment of your pool and spa control systems.

Its variations include either a standard or a sub-panel model. The standard model is suitable if you already have a breaker box with extra breakers available for the equipment near your pool. If this is not the case, the sub-panel model comes with a breaker mount plate and GFCI knockout.

Remote Control Panel

Spa Control Systems TypesSuch a panel is more intricate in nature and performs complex functions. It serves as an interface between the power supply and the hard-wired control panels.

Different manufacturers produce different types of control panels, but all of them can be programmed to suit your individual pool and spa control systems. A remote pool control system offers a more economical option because its installation costs are low.

Such control panels are commonly available in two types – wall-mounted panels and wireless tabletop remotes. The wall-mounted ones are indoor panels that give access to the pool control system from the comfort of your home. Hard-wired into your household electrical supply, they can control the temperature, water flow, and the on/off status of different equipment.

On the other hand, wireless tabletop remotes are portable. You can move them anywhere you want at your convenience. They require a receiver to operate, but you don’t need to wire them to the power center.