Monday, 20 May 2019

Different Types of Modular Plugs and Their Applications

Modular Plugs

Modular PlugsA modular plug is a type of modular connectors that does the function of terminating loose cables and cords. It is considered as a female connector while modular jacks are treated as male modular connectors.

Although modular plugs and jacks are the two versions of modular connectors, they are rarely used together in a single cable except for the telephone extension cables. Instead, the use of two jacks or two plugs in a single cable is more common.

Modular plugs are applied in lots of commercial and industrial applications. Many of the tools and devices we use in our daily life such as laptops, medical devices, gaming machines, ATMs, routers, etc. have these connectors integrated into their systems.

A Modular Plug: A Brief Discussion on Its Different Types

A modular plug does the job of a high-performing connector in various fields of data, voice, and high-speed networking systems. A variety of plugs with four-, six-, and eight-circuit configurations are available in the market.

Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat5eMT Modular Plugs 

Available in three different versions, these plugs are compatible for pairing up with shielded or unshielded cables. They have three main parts – the body, a wire holder, and a metal strain relief.

The body houses contacts while the wire holder does the job of managing the conductors. On the other hand, the metal strain relief secures the cable and safeguard the plug if used with a shielded cable.

Cat5e, 8-Position Modular Plugs

These plugs consist of a plug body featuring contacts and a wire holder or load bar. There’s no separate strain relief as it has been rather built into the main body. These plugs are mainly used for Ethernet applications such as switches and patch panels.

Modular PlugsCat5, 8-Position Modular Plugs 

These plugs feature a one-piece design, which means that they have only the plug body with contacts. They are compatible to be used with both flat oval and round cables.

6-Position Modular Plugs 

They have a one-piece design and are available for both flat oval and round cables. Their plug body has only 2 or 4 contacts installed. A version of this plug known as ‘small conductor’ is compatible with conductors featuring thin-wall insulation.

These plugs are used in different data/voice fields for networking and telephone applications.

4-Position Modular Plugs 

These 4-position plugs come with only a one-piece design. They are suitable for being paired up with only flat oval cables. They are widely used in the connectivity industry, and you’ll typically find them installed on phone cords.