Monday, 20 May 2019

How to Select a Pendant Control Station

Pendant Control Station

Pendant Control StationA pendant control station is a reliable and efficient device for the auxiliary control of a wide range of mechanical motion and lifting applications such as conveyors, hoists, elevators, and more.

Required to operate in harsh environments, it’s components must be highly resistant against weather, heat, and impact events.

How to Select a Pendant Control Station

The pendant control stations must come with a superior mechanical design. They should guarantee about the durability and repeatability to ensure minimum machine downtime over their lifetime. Check the following steps to know what factors to take care of to select a high-quality pendant control station for a broad range of applications:

The Number of Operators Required

Different control stations are available for various applications, and you may need 2 to more than ten buttons on them based on your requirements.

For example, ergonomic, hand-held pendants are enough for a simple up/down application where the power of the machine is controlled elsewhere. On the other hand, a different pendant station will be needed if you have to manage several machines by using just one pendant or have to send other auxiliary commands.

The Operator Device in Each Position

Each position on the control station requires separate operator devices. Some examples of such devices are single speed pushbuttons, two-speed pushbuttons, emergency stop mushroom pushbuttons, pilot lights, and more.

The Number of Contact Elements in Each Position

You also need to specify the contact elements for each position on the control station. Most applications won’t require more than one open contact with a pushbutton and a closed contact for the emergency stop button. Using the pushbutton will close the electrical circuit, contrary to the function of the emergency stop button that will rather open the circuit.

Pendant Control StationType of Disks and Labels in Each Position

The pendants have a wide array of colored disks and adhesive labels to suit every application. The colored disks help in providing information about an operator’s function such as “STOP” or “START.”

The button disks and labels help in configuring the buttons of a pendant station for multiple auxiliary commands.

Extra Accessories Required for A Pendant Station

A pendant station may need some extra accessories other than the basic features and components. Some of the standard options include:

Mechanical Interlock

Each operator of a pendant station acts independently of the others by default. However, some situations may require the use of a mechanical interlock. It links the operators in a way that only one can be actuated at a time.


A pendant control station can be easily stored if a hook is installed with it.

Bottom Cover

A bottom cover in small or large variety will act as an additional protective base to the pendant station.

Blanking Plugs

Blanking plugs help in changing the default configurations of pendant stations to maintain the required IP rating.