Monday, 20 May 2019

Advantages of Rectangular Connectors over Circular Connectors

Advantages of Rectangular Connectors

Advantages of Rectangular ConnectorsFor decades, various industries have been utilizing a broad range of circular and rectangular connectors in different applications. These connectors have reduced the cost of projects by a significant margin and simplifies the installation process in harsh environmental conditions.

The use of rectangular connectors is seen in a wide range of industrial applications such as robotics, power supply, energy, electronics, machinery, and more. On the other hand, circular connectors have long been used in the food and beverage processing industries and aerospace and military applications.

However, the usage of rectangular connectors has gradually been expanding to new fields. Besides, they are now taking over many applications where there was no alternative to circular connectors. Let’s take a look what features of rectangular connectors have given them the edge over the circular type.

The Advantages of Rectangular Connectors

The rectangular type is clearly ahead of the circular type in some particular aspects. So, when it’s about choosing the best connector for the job, keep the following factors in mind:

Cost Efficiency

Rectangular connectors save cost by a huge margin. The production cost of circulars is 40% more than rectangular connectors. In addition, you can use a single rectangular connector as an alternative to multiple single-purpose connectors, which also results in less maintenance and replacement costs.


A rectangular connector is more flexible than a circular connector in terms of cabling and placement options. You can choose them in an array of cable entry and cable gland sizes. They are suitable for surface mounting, support direct panel mounting, and can connect directly to a PCB. You can’t expect these features from circular connectors.

Advantages of Rectangular ConnectorsModular Design

This one single aspect is enough to keep rectangular connectors way ahead of the competition. They are user-configurable, which means it is possible to create a custom connector to meet your requirements without paying the premium price. Circular connectors also offer modularity to some extent, but their capacity is limited.


Rectangular connectors are space-saving because they are multi-tasking as one single connector can handle the tasks of two to three single-purpose connectors. Besides, their design and installation requirements also demand less space than circular connectors.

Ease of Installation

The modular design and a range of cabling and mounting options have made it easier to install a rectangular connector. It is also easy to make their cutouts during on-field use and mount them over the cutouts of other types of connectors.

Rectangular connectors also offer more termination options, safer and easier mating, and higher locking certainty. In a word, they have so many advantages that there’s no legit reason for not to use them instead of circular connectors.