Monday, 20 May 2019

Building Automation Systems & Control Systems Networking for Building Automation

Building Automation Systems

Building Automation SystemsThe purpose of a building automation system is to control the climate in buildings, light rooms based on occupancy, monitor energy performance and device failures in the system and set off warnings in the event of a malfunction. Building Automation Systems are energy and money saving electrical supply solutions for many commercial businesses. This article will examine how Building Automation Systems can benefit you. We will also look at the options in control systems for building automation.

Building Automation Systems are centralized systems of hardware that work on a network to control the electricity, lighting, water, plumbing and HVAC in a building. Facilities that use the BAS system enjoy a more comfortable work atmosphere as well as benefiting from lower maintenance and energy costs.

BAS systems have five essential components. There are sensors that measure CO2 output, temperature, humidity, room occupancy, and daylight. A direct digital control is used with the BAS. This is an automated control popularized in the 80’s which enables the components in the system to communicate. The controllers are the brains of the systems that decide how to respond based on the data they get from the sensors. Output devices carry out the commands they get from the controllers. Communication protocols are responsible for the language the system uses to communicate. The dashboard or user interfaces are screens or surfaces that humans use to interact with the BAS.

Building Automation SystemsThose looking for electrical supply control for building automation systems may consider a cloud-based light commercial control such as the LCBS Connect. which can monitor and troubleshoot light commercial buildings around the clock. The Web 8000 Controller offers to streamline building management and wi-fi connectivity and therefore can be used as an access point. Web-XS Access Controllers offer simplified building management and monitoring in one system. The Web Stat Controller is ideal for small buildings and multi-tenant facilities offering intricate control in one easy to use the system.

Those looking to install BAS systems in their commercial buildings may want to talk to an HVAC specialist. Products for BAS systems can be purchased at retailers that specialize in commercial and consumer products and those who sell electrical supplies online. Products may also be found in electrical supply houses or wholesale outlets.

Building Automation Systems offer smarter control of the building’s atmosphere keeping occupants comfortable and happy. They are energy efficient and therefore can save you money on your utility bills while preserving natural resources. It’s clear to see that Building Automation Systems are a worthwhile investment and the wave of the future.