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Electrical Problems and Solutions

Electrical Problems and Solutions

Electrical Problems and SolutionsWhether you are a DIY homeowner or a licensed electrician, there are some common problems you may face when doing electrical work. However, with a little bit of knowledge and some helpful hints, these problems can be solved or avoided. Read on to find out about some common problems you might face with your electrical supplies and systems, and some ways to get around them.

Protect Your Fuse Box: Although circuit breaker panels are more common than fuse boxes these days, there are still fuse boxes in use in many homes and mostly, they are quite functional. However, the fuses must have an amperage that is compatible with what the wires can handle. If that amperage is too high, it can cause wires to overheat which can result in a fire.

It’s a good idea to have licensed electrical contractor inspect your wiring to determine whether everything in your fuse box is wired correctly and that no electrical supplies are out of date, and no wires are frayed. It’s recommended to get these inspections every five years.

Too Few Outlets: With the advancement of new technology, it’s no wonder our electrical outlets might be overburdened. This can result in a heavy reliance on extension cords and power strips. Although the danger level is minimal, an undersized extension cord can overheat and ignite a fire if it is not prepared to handle the load.

It may be a good idea to have an electrician in to add more outlets. Electricians can add electrical supplies like outlets in your home for a minimum charge per outlet.

No GFCIs: GFCIs are valuable when you’re dealing with electricity and electrical supplies. They protect from electric shock by shutting down when they detect the possibility of an overload. It’s a good idea to replace old receptacles with GFCIs. Although you may want to hire an electrician to perform this work, a homeowner may buy GFCIs and install them themselves. GFCIs can be purchased at electrical supply stores for about $12 a piece. An electrician may charge you about $20 for purchase and installation.

Electrical Problems and SolutionsPlug Falls Out of Receptacles: This is a common problem with older electrical supplies. While many view this as a bit of an annoyance, it’s also a highly dangerous situation. Loose contacts can cause arcing which can ignite dry dust and wood. It’s best to deal with this problem by replacing the old receptacles as soon as possible.

Receptacles can be purchased on websites that sell electrical supplies online. They cost about $2 and most homeowners feel comfortable enough performing this task by themselves. If you prefer the assistance of a professional electrician, he may charge $8 or $10 per receptacle.

So, there you have it, some simple solutions to common electrical problems you might find in your home or workplace. Electrical problems may seem like minor annoyances, but they can turn into dangerous situations so it is best to deal with them before anything happens. Good luck keeping your electrical systems up to date and making your home as safe as possible.