Monday, 20 May 2019

Benefits of Ventilation Fan in Different Climates

benefits of ventilation fans

The benefits of ventilation fan are manifold — you can use it not only during the hottest days but throughout the year! A ventilated home is energy-efficient and saves money because you seldom need to turn the air-conditioning on to remove the interior heat.

Why Do You Need Home Ventilation?

ventilation fansA house has to have a proper aeration system that removes the heat at day and provides adequate cooling at night. You can ensure enough air circulation through natural means such as cross airing, proper placement of windows, and the use of the chimney effect should you live in a moderate climate.

But, some additional tools such as ventilation fans, exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, or an HRV system are the way to go if the climate is cold or warm. Many people keep the windows and doors shut in summer and winter seasons to keep the hot and cold air from out, respectively. A sealed house definitely needs a good ventilation system to keep the air moving and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

How Much Fresh Air Does a Home Need?

It depends on the size of the place, the number of people, the weather, and the lifestyle. The typical volume is 80 cubic feet of fresh air for one cubic foot of exhaled carbon dioxide. The amount should be twice if the activity level of the occupants is higher than usual. Also, an apartment in the city requires more fresh air than a country house.

Some places such as kitchens, laundry space, bathrooms, and the room with open fireplaces need more air circulation because of the presence of excessive heat, moisture, and pollutants.

Remember that you will always need mechanical air circulation to keep the air moving no matter how much naturally ventilated your home is. The combination of both systems will increase comfort and save energy.

The Various Benefits of Ventilation Fan

Most of the recent houses and apartment buildings are built with an air-sealing system. It reduces the cost of heating and makes the cooling down of an interior easier. However, no good thing comes without a catch. The problems, in this case, are the dust and airborne particles that come from outside and get trapped inside. When someone or your pets enter or leave the house, they create a passage for the mold, chemical ingredients, and allergens to come in. A ventilation system comes handy in this case as it sets the air in motion and drives all the harmful elements out of the house.

Let’s take a look at some other benefits of ventilation fan:

Removing Heat and Humidity

The fans can remove the heat and humidity by sucking excessive heat and moisture from an area and expel them outside. Their size should be proportionate to the dimensions of the place where they will be installed. A big room needs a bigger fan.

Large fans could be noisy though. If you think it will disturb you, mount it on an outdoor roof or wall to reduce noise inside the house.

Clearing up the Toxins

benefits of ventilation fanProper aeration can clear up the air pollutants that accumulate in a closed space over time. One of the most notable benefits of ventilation fan is that it keeps your interior environment free from all types of detrimental elements. Pollutants such as dust mites, mold spores, and toxic elements from paint, chemicals, furniture, carpets, and other sources may smite the air. It gets worse in the winter when people don’t keep even a single window open. The ventilation fans pull out these unhealthy components and fill up the interior with fresh air. Nevertheless, you should be careful with gigantic fans. These can draw carbon monoxide from water heaters or furnaces if they were not installed correctly.

Getting Rid of Odors

Nobody wants to live amid his own stink! A sealed place can quickly turn into a hell if there’s a smoker in your house. The pipe smoke or cigarette smell lingers for an awfully long time in a closed space. Moreover, cooking odors, stink of pets, and chemical stench of everyday cleaning and hygiene products can turn unpleasant in the long run.

Ventilation fans can quickly remove the smoke and reeks. Also, these can clear off noxious gases to make your indoor air more breathable and improve its health-giving quality.

Improving the Overall Comfort

A proper aeration system gives people the peace of mind by improving the comfortability quotient. You are bound to feel good when your home is free of bad smells, allergens, and toxic ingredients. Ventilation fans allow you inhale fresh air with every breath.

Is There Any Disadvantage of Ventilation Fans?

disadvantages of ventilation fanYes, but these are only minor issues compared to the benefits they offer. One major drawback is that the fans don’t filter the air they pull in from outside. It makes the pollens and dust in the outside air get into your living space. Your utility bills can escalate too as the fans run on electric power.

It’s possible to solve the problem partly by keeping them on at night during summer and at the daytime in cold months. It will facilitate a more efficient ventilation and keep the bills within reach.

How are Ventilation Fans better than Other Methods?

Knowing about the benefits of ventilation fan may help you make a choice while deciding on improving the aeration system of your home. The fan is a better option than open windows because windows are just air passages. They cannot refresh the indoor air by removing bad smell and heat. The fans are even better than balanced ventilation and heat recovery ventilators in terms of cost and maintenance. Their installation expenses are negligible compared to other tools and system, and these also don’t require high maintenance. They provide such an excellent service in mild weather that many expensive systems cannot.