Monday, 20 May 2019

Energy Saving Bulbs and Other Ways to Get Cheap Electricity

energy saving bulbs

Consumers looking for ways to get cheap electricity should change to energy saving bulbs. These cost-effective yet do not reduce the quality of lighting.

Other than lighting, consumers can do a variety of things to get cheap electricity. This includes installing energy efficient electrical appliances, changing the way they use the energy, reducing wastage or investing in renewable energy sources such as solar.

While investing in PVs requires a huge investment in addition to a suitable roof, the other options are simple things that a consumer can implement gradually and at little cost. Installing energy efficient equipment and using the power more responsibly enables consumers to spend less on energy.

Although the cost of the electricity per kilowatt does not change, unless you are on the time-of-use tariff, you pay less by cutting down on the amount of energy use per billing cycle. If on the TOU, you will need to avoid using the energy intensive appliances during the peak demand times.

Changing to energy saving bulbs

electricity savingReplacing older high energy bulbs with newer models such as the LEDs, allows you to enjoy cheap electricity without compromising the quality of the illumination.  

Changing the bulbs from traditional high energy incandescents to the LEDs has other advantages other than the cheaper electricity. The LEDs last for several years hence saving you the replacement costs.

Although the energy saving bulbs are more expensive, they use less energy and lasts longer, hence making them cheaper to operate and requiring few replacements. In addition, they generate less heat – further eliminating the need to use electricity to cool the space.

Compare providers for cheap electricity rates

Comparing electricity rates from different providers and changing to the right tariff or rate is another way of getting cheap electricity.

For consumers with a number of energy providers to choose from, it is always advisable to keep on monitoring their rates and conditions, to see who has cheap electricity and better terms. The rates keep on changing due to a variety of conditions, which may include but not limited to weather, demand, fuel costs, and more.

Depending on your location, you may choose to use either the variable or fixed rate tariff. Compare the two rates from different providers and see which offers cheap electricity. You may need to monitor the prices over a long period and different seasons to see when each plan is ideal.

For example, signing up for a fixed plan during the time the prices are low will lock the prices. This allows you to get cheap electricity even during the high demand seasons such as winter. With this tariff, you continue paying the same rate regardless of the fluctuations in the wholesale prices.

Some websites provide online comparison tools that help consumers to find cheaper electricity near their homes. This can further help customers to switch providers and hence enabling them to save on their energy costs.

The energy providers share the same infrastructure to transmit and distribute the electricity to their customers. As such, switching to a cheaper electricity provider does not require new connections or wiring. It only requires a change of the company that bills you for the electricity you consume.

The switch does not require any physical changes or extra costs unless you are changing the metering plan or moving from a fixed rate before the expiry of the contract.

Another approach is to switch to the Pay As You Go metering. The PAYG enables users to manage their electricity consumption better. Moving from the postpaid to prepaid or Pay As You Go electricity will require a meter change since the two plans operate differently. This change is necessary regardless of whether you remain with your current provider or decides to move to another with cheap electricity prices.

Changing the way you use electrical appliances

cheap electricity ratesYou will also need to change the way you use the lighting, clothes washing and drying machines. Adjust how use use other electrical equipment such as the air conditioning, heating, and others.

Try as much as possible to use the natural light and cloth lines to reduce the energy needs around the house. Operating appliances such as the washing machine at full load will also help you to reduce the energy costs and hence enable you to get cheaper electricity.

If you are on a time-of-use tariff where electricity rates vary with the time of the day, you can plan to use your high energy appliances during the off-peak times such as during the daytime. The TOU provides cheaper electricity during the day when there is less demand while charging higher rates when the demand rises at night.


There are several simple things that consumers can do to get cheap electricity without cutting the important and essential activities. This requires that you reduce the energy demand by increasing efficiency, upgrading the old equipment, and changing the way you use the electricity.

The approach allows consumers to reduce the overall energy costs without affecting the activities that rely on electricity. However, it may require reducing activities that lead to wastage of electricity without necessarily adding value.