Monday, 20 May 2019

Promising Solar Inventions That You Must Know

solar inventions

With solar power becoming a more reliable and efficient way of using sustainable energy, there are many products that are being invented that rely on this source of power. These products can be convenient, important and an overall great way to save money and natural resources. Read on to find out some awesome new inventions that you may want to incorporate into your lives to make a more conservative future.

Solar Powered Bike Paths

solar inventions homeIf you’ve ever been to the Netherlands, you know how popular bicycles are in the part of the world. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the solar powered invention that hales from that part of the world involves their bike paths. Solar panels where embedded inside the tempered glass in the lanes for a distance of 328 feet. This turned the entire path into energy generator or SolaRoad. The SolaRoad ended up generating almost 10,000 kilowatts of power, enough to power three homes for an entire year! The technology is currently being looked into as far as the possibility of it being used in street lighting, traffic lights and electric cars.

Mobile Chargers with a Solar Powered Plug

Mobile phone chargers are all well and good when we have access to an electrical source, but all too often, people find their phones are dead when they are nowhere near an electric outlet. Well, now there is a solar plug that can solve that problem! This plug uses solar panels to absorb radiation from the sun and then stores electricity so you can just plug your phone in, and charge it no matter where you are. Because the charger has a suction cup, it can be attached to the glass so you don’t have to hold it.

Portable Solar Kitchen

There are a variety of potable solar cookers in the market. These contain reflectors which can work to reflect sunlight that is then collected in a vacuum. The heat is stored and used for cooling purposes. These cookers can heat food quickly in a variety of ways, working quickly and at high temperatures.

Portable solar computers

A portable solar computer works with a solar panel so that it never needs to be connected to an electrical source to generate power, although the option is available. The solar panel can detach and connect to an extension cord so you can use your device indoors while being charged. It comes in handy for students trying to learn in third world countries, as well as travelers.

Solar Camera Strap

best solar inventionsDead camera batteries can be a real downer…but not anymore! As an example, the Solar Powered Camera Strap have thin solar films across the width of the strap which harness solar energy. It plugs into the camera’s DC making it a viable option for outdoor shoots, especially when strong sunlight is present.

Solar BackPack

We’ve read about the solar phone charger and computer, but why not have one product that does it all? When you travel with a solar backpack, the panel at the back will generate enough energy to keep your devices charged. Some backpacks come with mobile phone connectors and require sunlight to charge devices.

Solar Bag

Much like the solar backpack, solar bags like the Power Purse also work to keep devices charged. The Purse generates power through solar panels which can work to charge mp3 players, smartphones and other small devices after just 3 hours of sun exposure.

Solar Air Conditioning

How about a solar-powered air conditioner Inverter Solar Air Conditioning uses solar power and mains electricity to generate cool air and save operating costs by up to 97% during daytime hours making this luxury way more affordable!

Solar Powered Shelters for the Homeless

Although it is wonderful that the homeless can find a roof over their heads at local shelters, many are not heated. A group of students in the Seattle area are attempting to solve this problem by creating small shelters for the homeless in their neighborhood that work with a solar powered roof to provide occupants with enough energy to have light and warm water. These shelters are also equipped with a kitchen and composting toilet.

Solar Powered Billboard

Although billboards can be used advantageously to promote products for advertisers, many find them distracting, obstructing lovely views and landscapes. Well now these billboards can be utilized in a win-win situation, when solar panels are attached. In one of South Africa’s poorest townships, solar panels have been attached to billboards that have made it possible to supply enough energy to the nearby school to provide power to feed its 1100 students. This billboard is said to be one of many that will be improving the economic situation in South Africa and around the world.

In this modern world, it is great to know that solar power is being integrated into new technologies that will make life a bit easier. These also provide money and energy saving solutions for this brave new world. Some of these technologies are still being developed for release, while others are already available. Interested consumers are encouraged to check the internet and other news sources for upcoming developments.

New inventions are being made each day. It will be interesting to see where solar power takes us next.