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Best Chandeliers to Accentuate Your Home

best chandeliers for home

When we think of a chandelier, it often reminds us of an ornate, glittering, hanging light, typically found in a grand staircase or over the dining room table. A chandelier is a hanging light and it can come in a variety of styles and used in any room of the house. Read on to find the best chandeliers to accentuate your home. Also, get some tips on how you can utilize them to make the most out of your living spaces.

Types of Chandeliers

best types of chandeliersThere are many types of chandeliers featuring both modern, vintage and classic designs. Familiarize yourself with the various types. It will help you determine the best chandeliers for your home.

Antler Chandeliers: These chandeliers features real or resin antlers from deer or other animals. They usually fit the décor of a cabin or a home with a rustic design, but can also be suitable in modern settings.

Bowl Chandeliers: These chandeliers feature a bowl shaped shade that cradles the lighting elements of the fixture. Some of these may also have a design where smaller bowls surround individual bulbs. There are also design with inverted containers.

Cage Chandeliers: These feature an open design with a wire cage that surrounds the lighting. The cage can be angular, curved or elegant…and the list goes on.

Candle Chandeliers: These feature candle and flame shaped bulbs, like the chandeliers used before the advent of electricity. In fact, the word chandelier actually means ‘candle holder’. These are usually found in more traditional decors.

Drum Chandeliers: These feature cylindrical shades that surround the lighting elements or individual bulbs. The shades are made of fabric, metal or other materials.

Empire Chandeliers: One of the more classic styles, this chandelier is the height of glamour and glitz featuring strings of crystals draped around the light. They are best in elegant settings.

Flush Mount Chandeliers: These sit directly on the ceiling, taking up more vertical space. They’re great for shorter ceilings, like a hallway or closet.

Lantern Chandeliers: These chandeliers appear as old fashioned lanterns that hang from the ceiling. Some have glass panes while others are open. They are best featured in simpler decors.

Linear Chandeliers: These feature a rectangular or oblong design that contain a row of lights. They are great for complementing a long table or bar.

Mini Chandeliers: These are smaller versions of larger models. They work well with limited spaces, like a breakfast nook or nursery. They also look good when grouped together.

Orb Chandeliers: Also called globe chandeliers, these feature orb circles that make up a sphere shape that surrounds the lighting. They are great for industrial and modern settings.

Sputnik Chandeliers: Getting its name from its spacey look, these are also known as starburst chandeliers. They feature spikes with bulbs at the end and has a funky, fun look.

Teardrop Chandeliers: These chandelier use multiple tiers of crystals for a design that is wider at the top and narrow towards the bottom. They provide a formal feel.

Tiffany Chandeliers: Named for designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, these originally used Tiffany glass produced in Tiffany Studios in the early 1900’s. Today, these chandeliers are often found using a reproduced, stained-glass style. They best complement traditional décor.

Best Chandeliers to Use in the Various Rooms of the House

Maxim Lighting 10045FTSN best chandelier
Maxim Lighting 10045FTSN

Now that you are familiar with the different types of chandeliers, it is a good idea to learn how to utilize them in a decorating plan that can serve to accentuate the various rooms of the house. Here are a few decorating ideas:

Over the Bathroom Tub: Not the most obvious of places, hanging a chandelier over the bathroom tub can add a glamorous, intimate and dramatic vibe to your bathroom. The dimming function and sparkles can make it a relaxing haven.

Over the Kitchen Island: The kitchen island is a good place for overhead illumination. A cute mini chandelier can give your kitchen a theme and personality.

The Bedroom: A chandelier can work well in the bedroom. Over the bed, it offers the right amount of mood lighting, sparkle, glamour and romance. Mini chandeliers placed over side tables work to set the mood and are great reading lights.

Over the Dining Room Table: Spice up traditional dining room lighting by installing a chandelier. Great for meal time conversation.

In the Nursery: A mini chandelier can add vintage appeal to a baby’s nursery. The dimming function can have a relaxing effect.

In the Hallway: Make every entrance into your home a dramatic one by adding a chandelier in your hallway.

Best Chandeliers to Buy

Now that you are familiar with the different types of chandeliers and know some great ways you can use them to accentuate your home designs, it’s a good idea to learn about what makes and models are the best chandeliers to buy. US Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) sells a wide variety of chandeliers. They can be purchased in the USESI online electrical supply store, as well as their various brick and mortar locations.

Maxim Lighting 10045FTSN 5-Light Single Tier Chandelier 60 Watt 120 Volt Satin Nickel Logan: This chandelier uses 600W incandescent lamps. It has a modern design, satin nickel finish and steel construction. Its frosted glass shade brings elegance to the home. It measures 20”x18”. It is ceiling chain mountable with a 36 inch long chain/stem and 120 inch lead wire for hassle free installation. It is suitable for indoor lighting and dry locations and is UL listed.

Kichler 43324DAG 5-Light Chandelier 60 Watt 120 Volt Distressed Antique Gray Evan: This uses five 60W B incandescent lamps. It is a candelabra style lamp and has a voltage raring of 120V. It has a distressed, antique gray finish and high strength steel construction. It has a 72” long chain/stem and a 10” lead wire for hassle free installation. It UL dry location listed.

Progress Lighting P4328-09 5-Light Single Tier Up Chandelier 100 Watt 120 Volt Brushed Nickel Trinity: This chandelier uses five 100W incandescent lamps. It has a medium ceramic socket lamp with a voltage rating of 120V. It has a traditional/casual up style with a brushed nickel and steel construction. The etched glass shade of this chandelier brings elegance to the home. It has a 6’ long chain/stem and 15’ lead wire for hassle free installation. It is ideal for dining room lighting and/or any room in house. It is UL/cUL listed.

Elegant 3200D34C+SH 4-Light Chandelier 60 Watt 110-125 Volt Chrome Harmony: This chandelier uses four 60 watt incandescent lamps. Its E12 candelabra socket lamp has a voltage rating of 110-125 volts. This transitional chandelier has a chrome finish and glass construction. It measures 34”x10”x12”. It has a 7’ long chain/stem and 7’ lead wire for hassle-free installation. It is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and is UL/cUL listed.

Murfeiss F2794/5AF/CBA 5-Light Single Tier Chandelier 60 Watt 120 Volt Ad/Charcoal Black/Acorn Alston: This chandelier uses five 60W B Torpedo incandescent bulbs. Its candelabra socket lamp has a voltage rating of 120V. It has an AF/charcoal brick/acorn finish and steel/wood construction. It measures 24” Dia x 26 7/8”. It is box mountable and has a 60” long chain/stem and 180” lead wire for hassle free installation. It is suitable for dry locations and is cUL/ETL safety listed.

Sea Gull Lighting 35940 5-Light Single Tier Chandelier 120 Volt Heirloom Bronze Windgate: This chandelier uses five 100 watt A-19 incandescent or 8-13.5 watt LED lamps. It is a medium socket lamp with a voltage rating of 120V. It has a heirloom bronze finish and steel construction. Its alabaster glass shade brings elegance to any room. It measures 20 ½” Dia x 16 ¾”. It is center lockup/box mountable with a 36” long chain/stem and 72” lead wire for hassle free installation. It is suitable for dry locations. It is safety ETL listed and meets title 24 energy efficiency standards.

Quoizel Lighting DH5005PN 5-Light Single Tier Chandelier 120 Volt AC Bronze Duchess: This chandelier uses five 100W incandescent of 23W CFL lamps. It has a voltage rating of 120V. It has a bronze finish and steel/glass construction. It’s champagne marble glass brings elegance to the home. It measures 24 ½” x 22 1/4 “ x 24 ½”.  It is ceiling chain mountable and has a 96” lead wire for hassle free installation. It is suitable for the dinette, dining room, foyer lighting and damp locations. It is ETL listed.

If you are looking for the best chandelier for your home, there are a number of factors to consider. These include which room you will be using the chandelier in, the décor of that room, the quality and price of the chandelier and your personal taste. However, with a variety of options, I’m sure you will be able to find the chandelier that is right for you.