Monday, 20 May 2019

Can Cow Manure Power Your Home?

cow manure

We all know cow manure is good for your lawn. But did you know it could also be an environmentally friendly way to power your house? For years, we have been experimenting with Biogas Generators and Digesters to determine the potential in this waste-to-electricity conversion, and lately, there have been successful outcomes which could have a number of advantages for both the environment and the economy.

How Can Cow Manure Power My House?

Cow manure can power homes due to the fact that it contains methane gas. This is a natural substance that has been researched for its potential to create water, electricity and hydrogen.

Now that it has been confirmed that manure is a viable option for the production of electricity, there have been a number of companies who have been working to capitalize upon this. Homestead Dairy is an American run farm who has invested in a biogas recovery system that transforms waste into enough electricity to power 1,000 homes.

Japanese automakers, Toyota, are also making strides in taking advantage of this renewable energy. They have plans to build a power plant at the Port of Long Beach, CA to be used solely for the purpose of extracting water, electricity and hydrogen from cow manure. It will be called the Tri-Gen Project, the first to generate 100% renewable power and hydrogen on a commercial site. The plant is supposed to begin operations in about three years and produce enough power to accommodate 2,350 average homes and operate 1,500 hydrogen powered vehicles daily.

Benefits of Cow Manure as An Energy Source

There are countless benefits of using manure as an energy source.  Farmers in India are being educated on how to turn waste to power in order to be able to deal with a scarcity of electricity. For cars, it provides a cleaner form of transportation, greatly cutting down on CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Also, anaerobic digesters, which are giant sheds that hold manure to speed up decomposition, capture the smell and greenhouse gases manure generates making for reduced methane gas in the atmosphere as well as more pleasant smelling air.

Using manure as a source of power is one of the many ways the world is moving towards a greener future. It will be interesting to see how this new resource will cause improvements to the atmosphere and cut power costs as developments are made.