Monday, 20 May 2019

What are Grip Enabling Switches?

grip enabling switches

Grip enabling switches are safety components that are used to prevent unexpected machine operation that may occur when workers perform maintenance or other non routine tasks inside hazardous areas. They can be used as part of the conditions required to allow safe working inside a machine guard or protective shield. Read on to find out more about these grip enabling switches and what they do.

Grip enabling switches typically feature a 3 position switch (Off-on-off). Machine operation can be enabled when the switch is lightly pressed and held in the middle position. It disables machine operation when it is released or further depressed by a panicked operator. In this case, it will serve to protect the operator against the unpredictable motion of robots that may occur when they are teaching or performing system changeover or doing maintenance in a hazardous environment.

Grip enabling switches can come with a variety of features. The original double snap actions lets the operator confirm the enable position in a precise manner. The operator will feel a positive click when one part of the switch is pressed confirming operation. Models are also available with emergency stop switches and momentary operation switches.

There are also optional safety features that can be configured. For instance, a selector switch can be used to switch between normal operating mode and maintenance mode. A holding key can also be used to change modes as opposed to the key type selector switch.

Grip enabling switches come in handy on job sites, protecting workers. It is a good idea to be familiar with these switches and the various features available. This way, your workers will be prepared in case of an emergency.