Monday, 20 May 2019

Microsoft Power Station to Meet Supply Demands

microsoft power supply

Living in an ongoing age of technology, the demand for electricity is increasing every day. Well, imagine how it is for giant tech company Microsoft! They are being forced to build a Microsoft power station in Dublin to provide electricity to one of their data centers because the local transmission network is not being updated quickly enough to meet the ever growing demand. Read on to find out more about this Microsoft power station and how it is supplying power to its source.

Where is the Microsoft Power Station?

The Grange Castle Business Park in Clondalkin will be the site of the Microsoft power station. The plan is for Microsoft to install 16 gas powered generators at the site. The power generation compound can provide up to 18 megawatts of electricity at one of its huge data centers at the site. To give you some idea of the electricity output, this could be enough to power about 18,000 homes. The Business Park is already home to other data centers operated by Microsoft as well as other giant internet companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, all of whom have invested billions of euros over the years to have access to increased energy supply.

The Business Park Struggles to Meet Demands

All of this results in a strain on the local electricity network. In fact, it has been confirmed that the business park is struggling to meet the power center demand. Despite these facts, Microsoft secured planning permission to build four more Microsoft power stations on the site, this in addition to the four operational data centers that are already there.

EirGrid is the semi-State company that controls the country’s electricity transmission network. A spokesman from the company had this to say, “Space at Grange Castle Business Park is in high demand from international business customers. To accommodate this growth, further power is required to meet both current electricity needs and to plan for future electricity demand.”

West Dublin Project

In response to this high demand Eir Grid is embarking on a project to reinforce the electricity transmission system in the west of Dublin. This will be known as the West Dublin Project. It will result in millions of euros being spent as a new substation will be built to meet energy demands. The project is predicted to be completed in 2019. This may not be soon enough to deal with short term power needs.

The Business Park is not the only source of electricity demand in Dublin. There are already five large substations in Dublin and another new facility being built at Belcamp, just north of the city. Expansion is only predicted to increase as EirGrid goes on to say, “A key driver for electricity demand in Ireland for the next number of years is the connection of large data centers. A significant portion of this extra data center load will materialize in the Dublin region.

As the demand for energy increases, it will be interesting to see how this Microsoft power station solves demand problems and how other internet giants go about outsourcing for power. With energy in short supply and technology always growing, it seems as if there is an ongoing struggle. Hopefully the supply will be enough to meet the demand.