Monday, 20 May 2019

Tips for Using Spray Paints

tips for using spray paints

Spray paints are great in restoring or obtaining the desired surface finish on a wide variety of materials. The spray paints provide an easy and inexpensive means of fixing scratches, cracks and other minor damages. These ensure that the surfaces are protected against scratches, severe weather conditions and a variety of other external factors.

Spray paints are usually available in a wide range of forms and colors, which makes it easy to match colors, hence, a quick solution to repair and restore all types of surfaces.

How to get the best paint finish

The quality of painting project depends on several factors. In addition to the type and quality of the paint, you must prepare the surfaces and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The spraying technique influences the finish as well.

The person carrying out the job should have the end result in mind and then ensure to follow best practices to achieve this. Of course, perfection will also depend on experience, exposure and practice. The following are some best practices if you want to get a good finish.

  • Prepare the surfaces and everything else that you need for the job. Ensure that the surface is free of debris and dust. Remove any imperfection using sandpaper; you can then use a lint-free cloth to clear off any remaining dust.
  • Remove or cover objects or surface that you will not be painting. You can either tape the surfaces where you are not spraying or block them with a piece of a cardboard
  • Read the instruction to understand how to use the spray paint.  The best finish is only possible when you follow recommendations in relation to the handling, temperature, preparation, time between coats and also to cure.
  • Stay safe, wear a respirator and, if possible, ensure that the room has adequate ventilation or air circulation. Since the fumes are toxic, the cheap dust masks do not provide adequate protection.
  • Sweep the nozzle horizontally and vertically so as to obtain an even coat. Avoid pointing it to only one point.

Benefits of using spray paints

types of spray paintsOther than restoring the lost look, there are different types of spray paints based on the application. Other uses include patching up, as well as applying identification, warning and safety marks on structures or the ground. Advantages of using spray paints to carry out restoration jobs include

  • Smooth finish since you can paint the object without leaving the rough brush strokes on the surface
  • Faster and inexpensive
  • Less manpower and expertise requirements
  • Applies an even coat of finish or paint
  • Minimal cleanup since there are no brushes or rollers
  • Suitable to restore the finish on small objects or areas
  • Fast drying

The best spray paints for your project

Spray paints are usually project-specific and selecting the right type is essential for the success of your job. In addition, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations in relation to the surface preparation, application methods as well as dry times before applying the next coat.

Important features to consider when selecting the spray paint vary according to the application. In some, the protection the paint provides is more critical than the look or finish. This is usually applicable for surfaces that out of sight during operation such as underground facilities or parts buried for most of their service life. The strength of any spray paint to provide adequate protection depends on the composition and intended use.

Best types of spray paints by application

Selecting the correct spray paint is essential for the success of your project. And there is a wide range of options to make your job easier. However, you need to identify and match this with your application as and ensure that you get the best for that specific project.

Touch up spray paint

If you are looking for a reliable paint to touch up large areas such as the surface of a raceway, go for the Wiremold Spray paint. This is usually available in ivory color and packaged in a 12 oz. aerosol can. The spray paint available from USESI stores is RoHS compliant hence safe to use in a wide variety of locations.


  • Allows you to paint large sections of electrical component without using brushes and other complicated methods
  • Lead-free hence RoHS compliant
  • Blends with the setting or décor
  • Low profile appearance that is also unobtrusive
  • The spray paints from USESI are high quality, having the true color while the cans contain enough quantity to complete several projects or a significant part.  

Marking spray paints

The CRC Industries 18208 Upside Down marking spray is the best choice when you are looking for an affordable and cost-effective means to mark and identify components and parts of an electrical system. However, the spray paint is not limited to electrical systems only and can be used to mark or code other surfaces for easy identification.

The spray has an orange fluorescent is suitable for marking a wide range of surfaces, including but not limited to  metal, concrete, soil, gravel, asphalt,  grass and trees.

The marking paint which has an aromatic odor and its main component include solvent naphtha (petroleum), distillates (petroleum), isobutyl acetate, hydro treated light, light aliph, propane, n-butane and calcium carbonate. The marking spray is lead-free and does not wash away or cause any damage to the grass.

In fact, this is one of the best solutions for clearly and professionally marking the underground facilities such as pipework, buried networks, power cables as well as roads maintenance and construction sites. In addition, the highly visible paint can be used for general and safety purposes such painting the stairs edges where it helps people from missing steps and tripping.

The CRC Upside Down Marking Spray paint is usually available from USESI in 20 oz. aerosol. This has an easy to use spray head and a non-clogging nozzle in addition to a twist cap that prevents any accidental discharge.

Best Touch up compound

The Thomas & Betts PATCHP-G is one of the best touch-up compounds for repairing damages on urethane, PVCs coatings, and other surfaces. The gray compound comes in 12 oz. aerosol can and is often supplied with a pint can that has a brush-top applicator.

The Thomas & Betts touch up compound allows you to restore the original finishing on the conduits and fittings which may have suffered scratches during handling or installations. The compound is also suitable for exterior PVC patches and air cures to leave a nice seal over damages such as scratches.

Comprising of carbon black, titanium dioxide benzyl alcohol, and other chemicals, the Thomas & Betts PATCHP-G touch-up compound, provides one of the best solutions to help you restored your damaged equipment to their original shape.

The Thomas & Betts PATCHP-G touch-up compound from USESI online store helps you to achieve your objective within a short time and at a low cost. Be assured that the mild odor, fast drying and dark gray patch up compound will work well in your application in a way that it will impress you and others.

Spray paints from USESI electrical stores

benefits of using spray paintsThe US Electrical Services, Inc. stocks a wide variety of high-quality spray paints and other electrical products. Besides the quality, they have knowledgeable, highly skilled and friendly staff to guide you through the buying process. You can make an in-store or online purchase from any of the USESI stores and enjoy;

  • Excellent coverage
  • Even coating
  • Great finish
  • Odor that is not too harsh
  • Proper adhesion
  • Easy application
  • Adequate stocks at favorable prices.


A spray paint provides an inexpensive solution for restoring the damaged finishes or patching up minor damages, marking surfaces or ground for easier identification and more. In addition, they prevent material degradation from the effects of weather and other harsh conditions.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality spray paint, please visit the USESI stores for the best selection, prices, and customer service.