Monday, 20 May 2019

2019 Best Electrician Tools

best electrician tools

A dependable toolkit is a crucial part of an electrician’s work life. If you are looking to assemble your very first set of electrical tools, or looking to upgrade your old one, here are the best items to include in your collection this 2019.

Insulated Screwdriver

No toolbox is ever complete without a trustworthy screwdriver set. It is arguably the single most used tool by any electrician. The big drawback, of course, is that standard versions of this tool are mainly made of metal components. Even with the most careful professionals, a single misstep with this tool could potentially cause accidents in work sites such as arc flashes and arc blasts.

Non-conductive, non-flammable, and impact-resistant sets, like the Klein Tools 33532-INS 2-Pieces Insulated Screwdriver Set, provide an extra layer of protection for electrical jobs. This is a tool designed to function with added peace of mind.

Leveraged Cable Cutter

For electrical professionals, cutting cables is as common as breathing. A leveraged cable cutter, which makes precise snips using the least time and effort, is one of the best early investments an electrician can make.

Klein Tools 63060 High Leverage Ratcheting Cable Cutter 10-1/4-Inch Red uses a unique two-step ratchet mechanism that accurately cuts through copper, aluminum, and 1-inch cables without effort. So you can save your time and energy  for more demanding tasks.

Circuit Voltage and Current Tester

As an SOP, you should ensure that there are no live wires in the target circuit before you commence any electrical works. You can check if a system is energized using a variety of voltage testers or sensors.

Non-contact voltage testing pen is a lightweight and affordable option for this purpose, but the data it provides is limited to the most basic information. More sophisticated – and costly – testers display detailed readings, handle higher voltage ranges, and employ audible indicators for better accessibility.

Trusted toolmaker Fluke offers you both types of testers for your circuit voltage and current. Fluke 1AC-A1-II Flat Tip Electrical Tester is best for quick diagnoses and doesn’t hurt your pockets. But if you are constantly need a more comprehensive system check, the premium-end Fluke T5-600-USA Heavy-Duty Voltage Continuity And Current Tester is well worth the initial investment.

Lightweight Power Drill

Unlike the construction and mechanical professionals, electricians don’t usually need monstrous drills or impact drivers in their daily routines. But drill jobs inevitably crop up frequently enough, so a power drill is still considered an essential.

The compact ones, like Milwaukee Tool’s 1680-20 2-Speed Power Drill are just right for an electrical kit – they get the job done, cost less than the standard size, and fit easier in the toolbox.

In A Nutshell

For electrical professionals, working with the right tools can spell the difference between a routine task and a potentially fatal one. With every job, people’s safety, including their own, hang on the line.

This 2019, an electrician’s tool box should have items that make his work lighter, faster, and ultimately safer. Just like the list above. Find these and other handy tools at