Thursday, 25 Apr 2019
Author: Sirikit Hiyasmin Elebaran
inspection drone

NYPA’s Inspection Drone Program: Changing the Pace of the Electrical Industry

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones have garnered interest in the electrical industry for their potential to increase inspection safety and responsiveness, as well as reduce the costs and duration of these procedures. The APPA’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) Program, in particular, has a strong orientation towards the development of inspection drones […]

insect infestation

Insect Infestation in Electrical Outlets

Even if you thoroughly clean your home, insect infestation can still occur. Even the tiniest cracks can serve as their gateway towards getting into set-up a nest. In some instances, you may not notice them immediately until they have already multiplied to thousands. Insect Infestation: Potential Problems They can hide in different areas, such as […]

best electrician tools

2019 Best Electrician Tools

A dependable toolkit is a crucial part of an electrician’s work life. If you are looking to assemble your very first set of electrical tools, or looking to upgrade your old one, here are the best items to include in your collection this 2019. Insulated Screwdriver No toolbox is ever complete without a trustworthy screwdriver […]

water heater

Water Heater Maintenance Should Never be Missed

Winter is undoubtedly the time where water heaters are extensively used. Well, it is indeed challenging to take a bath just with tap water, thus, your heater should be perfectly working during these days. If your water heater is new, then there’s nothing to be worried about. But if you have been using it for […]


How to Become an Electrician

Electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems. Unlike many other jobs, if you want to become an electrician, you need to go through a rigid training to ensure that you can perform your job well. It is not just something that you learn from a family member or a friend. Electrician Requirements Today […]

heating costs

Tips to Keep Heating Costs Low This Winter

Winter is here! On top of strenuous commutes, mounting heating costs are sure to nip at your doorstep for the next few months. Here are a few ways to keep the energy overdraft in check: Make Your Decorations Functional The freezing holiday season is also the best time to get all the rugs, flannels, and […]

electric cars

Why Electric Cars No Longer Scare Americans

A recent survey released by the American Automotive Association (AAA) shows 1 in every 5 Americans intends to drive with an electric car on their next vehicle upgrade. This figure has grown a whopping 15% from the previous year’s results. Big car manufacturers like Ford, GM, Hyundai and Nissan now race furiously to get more […]


How Effective are the USESI Online Courses?

The US Electrical Services Incorporated (USESI) has tried their hands on e-commerce platforms, business process software, e-learning modules, electricity, and other electrical products, and emerged successful every time. The company has earned its impeccable reputation by ensuring that their employees are highly trained and hardworking through training programs and online courses they offer. If you […]

air quality

5 Ways to Have Good Indoor Air Quality

With the cold season approaching, it is becoming increasingly important to have good air quality in your homes. Mainly because most of us generally stay inside to keep warm throughout the whole season. Good air quality means a comfortable, healthy, and warm stay indoors, but how does one go about doing that? Clean, Dust, and […]

electrical blanket

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Electric Blanket

Now that the weather is getting colder, that electric blanket you have stored away is looking like a nice cozy option for the winter months. However, those that want to use an electric blanket should realize that they can be dangerous and become a fire hazard. By adhering to some simple guidelines, you can make […]