Thursday, 25 Apr 2019
Category: Electrical Safety
insect infestation

Insect Infestation in Electrical Outlets

Even if you thoroughly clean your home, insect infestation can still occur. Even the tiniest cracks can serve as their gateway towards getting into set-up a nest. In some instances, you may not notice them immediately until they have already multiplied to thousands. Insect Infestation: Potential Problems They can hide in different areas, such as […]

water heater

Water Heater Maintenance Should Never be Missed

Winter is undoubtedly the time where water heaters are extensively used. Well, it is indeed challenging to take a bath just with tap water, thus, your heater should be perfectly working during these days. If your water heater is new, then there’s nothing to be worried about. But if you have been using it for […]

electrical blanket

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Electric Blanket

Now that the weather is getting colder, that electric blanket you have stored away is looking like a nice cozy option for the winter months. However, those that want to use an electric blanket should realize that they can be dangerous and become a fire hazard. By adhering to some simple guidelines, you can make […]

reconditioned electrical equipment

Reconditioned Electrical Equipment Myths

Buying reconditioned electrical equipment can be a great way to save money and have your machinery run more efficiently. Yet, many companies do not trust this equipment for various reasons making for a number of reconditioned electrical equipment myths that circulate around the industry. In this article, we will look at many of these reconditioned […]

grip enabling switches

What are Grip Enabling Switches?

Grip enabling switches are safety components that are used to prevent unexpected machine operation that may occur when workers perform maintenance or other non routine tasks inside hazardous areas. They can be used as part of the conditions required to allow safe working inside a machine guard or protective shield. Read on to find out […]

smoke detectors

The Importance of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are one of the most essential safety features for most homes. Your smoke alarm can reduce the chances of someone dying or becoming seriously injured in a fire by 50%. It also cuts back expenses that could be incurred during fire damage including the cost of replacing property and medical bills. Despite this […]

dangers of knob and tube wiring

The Dangers of Knob and Tube Wiring

There are many dangers of knob and tube wiring. Knob and tube wiring was an early standardized method of electrical wiring that was commonly used in buildings in North America from about 1880 to 1940. Because it is known to be a safety hazard, it is no longer a popular method of wiring, although it […]

avoiding grounding mistakes

Avoid Making These Grounding Mistakes

Electrical grounding is a safety measure performed to prevent electrical hazards. It protects you from unwanted voltage on non-current carrying metal objects, and also helps in the operation of overcurrent devices. However, when attempting to safely do the process, there are several grounding mistakes that are committed. Adhering to NEC’s grounding rules can help you […]

fire prevention tips

Effective Fire Prevention Tips for your Home

There are several fire prevention tips that can help people to improve their safety. Following these avert accidents, damage to property, and other destructive effects of fires. Some causes of fire, such as misuse of naked flames, are obvious. However, there are other causes such as electrical short circuits within an equipment which are indirect. […]

electrocution electrical outlets

Electrocution: The Dangers of Electric Outlets

Knowing the dangers caused by electric outlets can help you minimize the risks that could lead to electric shocks, burns or worse, electrocution. It is almost impossible for an adult finger to fit in the electric outlet hole. Even for children, it is quite unlikely due to the small size of the hole. But this […]