Friday, 26 Apr 2019
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best electrician tools

2019 Best Electrician Tools

A dependable toolkit is a crucial part of an electrician’s work life. If you are looking to assemble your very first set of electrical tools, or looking to upgrade your old one, here are the best items to include in your collection this 2019. Insulated Screwdriver No toolbox is ever complete without a trustworthy screwdriver […]


How to Become an Electrician

Electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems. Unlike many other jobs, if you want to become an electrician, you need to go through a rigid training to ensure that you can perform your job well. It is not just something that you learn from a family member or a friend. Electrician Requirements Today […]


How Effective are the USESI Online Courses?

The US Electrical Services Incorporated (USESI) has tried their hands on e-commerce platforms, business process software, e-learning modules, electricity, and other electrical products, and emerged successful every time. The company has earned its impeccable reputation by ensuring that their employees are highly trained and hardworking through training programs and online courses they offer. If you […]

welding electrodes

Types of Welding Electrodes

An electrode is defined as a conductor through which electricity enters or leaves an object, substance or region. In arc welding, an electrode is used to conduct current through a workpiece to fuse two pieces together. There are various types of welding electrodes. This article will take a look at these different types of welding […]

become an electrician

Ways to become an Electrician

Being an electrician may not be for everyone, but if it something you think might suit you, it is a job choice well worth looking into. An electrician’s services are constantly in demand, so it can make for quite a lucrative career move ensuring that you will have job security, a steady above average income […]

how to bend conduit

A Few Basics of How to Bend Conduit

Knowing how to bend conduit is one of the essential skills of electricians and building professionals.  Since conduits are supplied as straight lengths of 10 or 20 feet, the rooms or walls may have different shapes or obstacles that prevent laying them according to their shape. In most cases, there are elbows that allow the […]

emergency repairs

Choosing Electrical Contractors for Emergency Repairs

Choosing electrical contractors to attend to emergency repairs is essential for industrial, commercial and service sectors who cannot afford a downtime. Major electrical faults can lead to dangerous situations, damage to equipment, fires, and downtimes. However, not all electricians have the experience and ability to handle all the faults in a facility. While carrying out […]

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Electrical Contractors

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Electrical Contractors

Hiring an electrical contractor may not be a simple task especially if you they are unfamiliar to you. An electrical contractor performs activities such as breaker system installation, electrical wiring, generator installation and other related functions. There are important factors to check, and they usually lead to the best candidates. Not all contractors have the […]