Thursday, 25 Apr 2019
Category: Electricity Saving
water heater

Water Heater Maintenance Should Never be Missed

Winter is undoubtedly the time where water heaters are extensively used. Well, it is indeed challenging to take a bath just with tap water, thus, your heater should be perfectly working during these days. If your water heater is new, then there‚Äôs nothing to be worried about. But if you have been using it for […]

heating costs

Tips to Keep Heating Costs Low This Winter

Winter is here! On top of strenuous commutes, mounting heating costs are sure to nip at your doorstep for the next few months. Here are a few ways to keep the energy overdraft in check: Make Your Decorations Functional The freezing holiday season is also the best time to get all the rugs, flannels, and […]

air quality

5 Ways to Have Good Indoor Air Quality

With the cold season approaching, it is becoming increasingly important to have good air quality in your homes. Mainly because most of us generally stay inside to keep warm throughout the whole season. Good air quality means a comfortable, healthy, and warm stay indoors, but how does one go about doing that? Clean, Dust, and […]

save electric bill this summer

Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill This Summer

Now that the hot weather is here, we all need to look at ways to save on our electric bills this summer. Using air conditioners can make our electric bills double or even triple during the summer months and every penny counts. Read on to find out some valuable ways to save on your electric […]

electrical supplies

Finding a Good Source for Electrical Supplies

If you are not that familiar with buying electrical supplies, you may think that purchasing is an easy process. After all, there are electrical and hardware stores everywhere and there seems to be no shortage. However, finding the right product at a reasonable price may not be as simple as it seems. Here are some […]

generators work

How do Generators Work?

Did you ever think about how generators work? When there is a power outage, generators are extremely useful, providing power where there is none. But, if there is no power available, how do generators provide power? This article will take an in-depth look at the main parts of a generator and provide some insight as […]

led myths

LED Myths that You must Ignore

Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb is the wave of the future, yet there are many myths that circulate. This article will discuss some popular LED myths so that you will be able to discern fact from fiction and know what to expect and understand how they can be used effectively. Before we begin exposing LED […]

best chandeliers for home

Best Chandeliers to Accentuate Your Home

When we think of a chandelier, it often reminds us of an ornate, glittering, hanging light, typically found in a grand staircase or over the dining room table. A chandelier is a hanging light and it can come in a variety of styles and used in any room of the house. Read on to find […]

What is a Lighting Control System

A lighting control system gives residents the ability to control the home lighting in the entire home using one device. A single keypad can replace an entire bank of switches and dimmers while still providing the same functionality. For instance, one button may be able to turn on six dimmers to the ideal brightness needed. […]

energy saving bulbs

Energy Saving Bulbs and Other Ways to Get Cheap Electricity

Consumers looking for ways to get cheap electricity should change to energy saving bulbs. These cost-effective yet do not reduce the quality of lighting. Other than lighting, consumers can do a variety of things to get cheap electricity. This includes installing energy efficient electrical appliances, changing the way they use the energy, reducing wastage or […]