Thursday, 25 Apr 2019
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heating costs

Tips to Keep Heating Costs Low This Winter

Winter is here! On top of strenuous commutes, mounting heating costs are sure to nip at your doorstep for the next few months. Here are a few ways to keep the energy overdraft in check: Make Your Decorations Functional The freezing holiday season is also the best time to get all the rugs, flannels, and […]

save electric bill this summer

Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill This Summer

Now that the hot weather is here, we all need to look at ways to save on our electric bills this summer. Using air conditioners can make our electric bills double or even triple during the summer months and every penny counts. Read on to find out some valuable ways to save on your electric […]

energy saving bulbs

Energy Saving Bulbs and Other Ways to Get Cheap Electricity

Consumers looking for ways to get cheap electricity should change to energy saving bulbs. These cost-effective yet do not reduce the quality of lighting. Other than lighting, consumers can do a variety of things to get cheap electricity. This includes installing energy efficient electrical appliances, changing the way they use the energy, reducing wastage or […]

energy calculations

Calculating Your Electricity Consumption

Determining the electricity consumption for each appliance is one of the most effective approaches towards reducing the energy bills. As a consumer, the figures enable you to identify the equipment and processes that consume most of the energy on a daily or monthly basis. Calculating the electricity that each appliance uses allows the consumers to […]

electricity bill

Understand Your Electricity Bill and other Charges

It is important to know your electric rate structure to understand how your utility calculates the electricity bill. Numerous power distributors operate in North America, and there are many different ways to bill for electricity. Let’s discuss some of the basic structures, charges, and fees. Electricity Bill: The Rates Depending on the services offered by […]