Thursday, 25 Apr 2019
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inspection drone

NYPA’s Inspection Drone Program: Changing the Pace of the Electrical Industry

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones have garnered interest in the electrical industry for their potential to increase inspection safety and responsiveness, as well as reduce the costs and duration of these procedures. The APPA’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) Program, in particular, has a strong orientation towards the development of inspection drones […]

electric cars

Why Electric Cars No Longer Scare Americans

A recent survey released by the American Automotive Association (AAA) shows 1 in every 5 Americans intends to drive with an electric car on their next vehicle upgrade. This figure has grown a whopping 15% from the previous year’s results. Big car manufacturers like Ford, GM, Hyundai and Nissan now race furiously to get more […]


How Effective are the USESI Online Courses?

The US Electrical Services Incorporated (USESI) has tried their hands on e-commerce platforms, business process software, e-learning modules, electricity, and other electrical products, and emerged successful every time. The company has earned its impeccable reputation by ensuring that their employees are highly trained and hardworking through training programs and online courses they offer. If you […]

microsoft power supply

Microsoft Power Station to Meet Supply Demands

Living in an ongoing age of technology, the demand for electricity is increasing every day. Well, imagine how it is for giant tech company Microsoft! They are being forced to build a Microsoft power station in Dublin to provide electricity to one of their data centers because the local transmission network is not being updated […]

cow manure

Can Cow Manure Power Your Home?

We all know cow manure is good for your lawn. But did you know it could also be an environmentally friendly way to power your house? For years, we have been experimenting with Biogas Generators and Digesters to determine the potential in this waste-to-electricity conversion, and lately, there have been successful outcomes which could have […]

insecticides made of

What Are Insecticides Made Of?

Insecticides are toxic substances that are used to kill insects. They can be used by humans who may be working outside to prevent insect bites and contact, but they are primarily used to protect plants and eliminate insects that carry disease. This article will look at what insecticides are made of and how they are […]

electric grid

Things you should Know about the Electric Grid

When a light goes on in our houses, or we are charging our phones, it is easy to forget about how the electricity is actually getting into our homes and powering our appliances. However, the electric grid is a huge component in how all of these are possible. This article will tell you things you […]

solar-powered buildings

Top 5 Best Solar-Powered Buildings in the World

With all the energy-efficient advances that are constantly being made, it is no wonder that there are some impressive solar-powered buildings that are currently being built. Irresistibly low solar rates make this new technology one that is being used more and more often as huge building projects are starting to revolve around energy efficiency. Read […]

solar inventions

Promising Solar Inventions That You Must Know

With solar power becoming a more reliable and efficient way of using sustainable energy, there are many products that are being invented that rely on this source of power. These products can be convenient, important and an overall great way to save money and natural resources. Read on to find out some awesome new inventions […]